The San Francisco Free Civic Theatre is a program of
the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, by and for adults. We use existing City facilities, stock, equipment, support staff and venues to operate a producing repertory company. SFFCT produces 3 or 4 plays per season, generally running from September through June, as well as participating in Theatre Bay Area’s SF Theatre Festival each July.

All participants are volunteers,
committed to presenting all performances to the public FREE of charge.

Most of our performances take place at the Randall Museum theatre,
as well as other venues within San Francisco
including the Eureka Valley Recreation Center.

~ ~ ~


SFFCT started 2009 with much uncertainty, with budget cuts and layoffs in the SF Recreation and Park Department that threatened the program. However, the program survived the cuts, and we actually had our most productive year to date, with six (six!) productions in 2009. We were in production forty-two weeks and accomplished the following:

January 2009: Sunday Salon Presents…
A showcase of five original works by local writers
with live musical accompaniment.

April 2009: Chains of Dew
The first American production of Susan Glaspell’s
lost masterpiece since the original in 1922.

June 2009: Western Rules
SFFCT’s own adaptation of a 1966 caper film

July 2009: Aria da Capo
Our annual contribution to the SF Theater Festival program.

October 2009: Reckless
Season 10’s “Classic American Theatre” selection.

December 2009: Eat Our Shorts
Seven more original premieres, this time from the GuyWriters playwrights group, with interludes of poetry.

Overall in 2009, we brought in 51 actors for 76 roles.
22 designers and crew members did 29 jobs.
6 directors put up 16 different plays.
9 local writers saw their work onstage, many for the first time.
And close to 1,500 audience members enjoyed
the experience of free local theatre.

~ ~ ~


Beginning in June of 2009, rehearsals are now being held in the auditorium at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center, and we have full access to the room for performances (in addition to the Randall Museum Theatre space).

There are active plans in the works to improve the Eureka Valley auditorium space, and make it a better theatre experience. Plans include installation of permanent theatrical lighting and sound, and an extension of the stage (by building a 6’x20′ platform in front of it, converting it to a thrust, and nearly doubling the current 11’x14′ size). We also intend to salvage stage curtains being taken down from another rec center and install them as masking along the ramp and over the windows. None of this will happen overnight but it is all doable and we’ll get to it as soon as we can with the help of the Rec/Park electricians, carpenters and laborers.

The other key factor is in maintaining our good relationship with the Randall Museum. If you are interested in seeing SFFCT programs continue to be presented at the Randall, feel free to voice your support directly to the Randall Museum Executive Director, Chris Boettcher (415-554-9601, or cboettcher@randallmuseum.org).

Thank you for your continued support of the SF Free Civic Theatre program. We hope to see you at upcoming performances.

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