Eat Our Shorts

December 2009

Short erotic pieces for the stage
presented in association with the Guywriters Playwrights Group

“MISSING THE MEMO” (by Garret Groenveld) starts a beautiful relationship. A connection is made in public transportation purgatory in Bob Hayden’s “MUNI APHRODITE.” “THE FALL” (by Hunt Scarritt) in a dream prompts a revelation about love and sex. A scene from Eric Rose’s work-in-progress features flirtation between gym “BUNNIES.” Lust for an older man is a fatal tango in Michael Esparza’s “THE MARK.”

Directed by Andrew Calabrese, Joe Frank, Michael Pulizzano, Alan Quismorio and Hunt Scarritt

GUYWRITERS is a volunteer-run community-based network for gay writers in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides opportunities for members to develop new writing (including works for the stage), access publishing resources, and meet other people in the literary world. It is fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Currently, its events and activities are free and no membership dues are required. For more information on GuyWriters, please write to or log on to (where you can also make tax-deductible donations).

2 Performances
at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center Auditorium


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